About Us

C.A.D.E.R. is a non-profit association aimed at promoting the sustainable development of the energy market from renewable sources, including bioenergy, wind power, solar power, geothermal power, small hydroelectric plants, tidal power and wave power.
Founded 12 years ago, C.A.D.E.R. is a reference in the industry of renewable energy in Argentina, and it acts as a coordination and interaction body among a wide spectrum of actors: country authorities, business community, society, trade unions, academic institutions. It is a key player which enables the dialog for the current and future development of power enterprises.


  • To boost the development of the market through the representation of the sector and the promotion of a normative frame in the long term.
  • To facilitate the development of business, human capital and infrastructure in the sector through public-private articulation, companies, trade unions, customs departments and other involved actors.
  • To communicate the principles to the society through publications, workshops and debates.


  • To strengthen the diversification of the primary and electric power matrix through the use of renewable energy sources, aimed at reducing the carbon footprint and energy intensity.
  • To decentralize the generation by bringing it closer to consumption.
  • To promote the development of regional economies.
  • To promote the development of a competitive national industry.
  • To contribute to a more efficient management and administration model.
  • To promote the adequate planning and development of the necessary infrastructure.
  • To deepen the integration with the neighboring countries of the electrical system.
  • To cooperate with the dissemination and awareness of the efficient use of renewable energy in local communities in order to obtain social license.
  • To ensure equal and transparent access to the transmission to the transmission and distribution infrastructure.

Board of Directors 2020-2021



(YPF Luz)

Favio Jeambeaut

Vice president

(Pan American Energy)

Alfredo Pedrali


(Parque Eólico Arauco)

Martín Parodi


(Total Eren)

Rubén Sánchez Perco

Vocal Holder 1


Horacio Pinasco

Vocal Holder 2


Manuel Ron

Vocal Holder 3

(Bio Eléctrica S.A.)

Martín Dapelo

Vocal Holder 4

(On Networking)

Jorge Ayestarán

Vocal Holder 5

(Hychico S.A.)

Agustín Siboldi

Vocal Holder 5

(Estudio O´Farrell)

Oscar Balestro

Substitute Member 1


Francisco Della Vecchia

Substitute Member 2


Marcelo Landó

Substitute Member 3

(Eternum Energy)

Marcelo Álvarez

Substitute Member 4

(Itasol S.A.)

Luciano Masnú

Substitute Member 5

(Helios Renewable Energy)

Omar Díaz

Account Reviewer

(Lisicki Litvin & Asoc)

José Carlos Cueva

Substitute Account Reviewer

(Estudio Beccar Varela)