How to become a member?

CADER (Argentine Chamber of Renewable Energies) is a non-profit association that group together companies of the renewable energy sector. CADER plays a key role since it improves communication and generates projects that lead to the development of current and future energy undertakings. Its members include national and international companies and it is the most representative association of the sector.

  • We provide a strong voice for the sector before the national and provincial government, entities and institutions.
  • We provide a strong voice for the sector before international equal institutions and bodies.
  • Receive memberships of other international sister chambers.
  • Attend conferences and international forums.
  • Build up a political, academic and business network.
  • Promote your business: build up contacts in the sphere of business, technology and investments.
  • Take part in business networking meetings.
  • Enter into framework agreements with different provinces to promote the development of the sector.
  • Improve institutional positioning. Enhance the image of the sector to shape the public opinion through an active use of press and media policies.
  • Connect with entities financing projects related to the activity of the chamber.
  • Count on the participation of the working committees which are specialized in different technologies.
  • Make use of the fully-equipped meeting room.

You can make enquiries or ask for further information about how to become a member by sending your information to our email “New Member” or by completing the following form. We will reach you shortly, thanks!

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